Jun 10, 2017

fav month (:


it has been a while since I lasted posting something here.
And today marks 15th ramadhan.
Terasa sangat laju garis masa.
Hospital and home.. nothing new in my life except for
I met # and inshaAllah im getting married in few months time.*cant believe myself*
The one who came suddenly. It happened when Im least expected.
So do pray for us.

Di bulan baik, penuh rahmah..
Im telling myself and dear readers...
lets do more doa, do tarawih, recite alquran, more sedekah..
and niat everything we do because of Allah.

Reaching Allah is two types, one that occurs in this world and one that occus in the Hereafter.
The meaning of reaching in this world is that the heart attains awareness of Him, and when it does so, it loves Him, takes solace with Him, realises His closeness to it, and finds Him readily answering its supplication.”

till then, may Allah accept our 'puasa' and eveything we do in between. :)

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