Feb 7, 2017

first fr 2017


First for 2017.
Been a while since I last blog something.
Time flies so fast.
Working fr almost 10 month, done o&G, Surgery and just step into Medical posting.
These 4 months sure will go fast (I wish for a smooth ride).
I don’t have specific resolution/target this year. :D

1.may Allah shape me in becoming a safe and competent dr.
  Semoga hari hari pegi kerja dengan niat kerana Allah. Smoga jam jam yg lama dihabiskan di
  di hospital tu ada keberkatannya.
2.improving myself. Dari segenap segi T_T
3.marriage. I don’t know when. Semoga terbuka pintu hati…smoga Allah kurniakan mr.brightside yg
   remind me of Him.yg boleh lead solat. Errr yg sama sama nk pegi dengar talk Ust Nouman Ali
   Khan, yg makan sushi dan Korean food jgk. Heh. :D (im getting olderrrrrrr btw)
4.reading / study. When was the last time I enjoy reading a good book? Hopefully I can finish “The
   Ideal Muslimah” written by Dr.Muhammad Ali al-hashimi. Bacaaa dan amalkan.
   Dan lepas blog ni cover few topics of Internal Medicine. Lupa dh macam mana nak kira MAP. -_-
5.travel. rinduuu nk berjalan2. Looking forward to take some leave, next posting maybe. Book
   flight tix and off somewhere. (o&g, surgery cuti tak terusik mana pun.simpan cuti)

“sit alone, think about your sins, and ask for forgiveness.Truly Allah loves those who repent, and He loves those who cleanse themselves.”

till then.

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