Nov 24, 2015

One of those days.


Thanks to Syak upload lots of pictures taken during our med school years. 
Since this year I lost my lattop, broke down my  4s, lost 5s after that.. 
so... most of my pictures gone -___-
tipulah kalau cakap tak rindu.
woke up early in the morning, get done in ala kadar way and driving to msu or 
hospital sungai buloh.
or woke up slightly late since it's okay we can walk to htar. :)
rindu ward work, kelam kabut cari case for bedsite teaching..
nervous, cuak every time buat physical examination depan specialist, depan dr(s)
and more to describe.
Rindu semuanyalah bertahun tahun belajar :)

reread back all my post under 'climbing this hill' -- berjuta rasa. 
a feeling I couldnt describe. 

May Allah bless.


mIra said...

bagos mu waa..still update blog..huhu..

najihah iman said...

cuti mirahhhh. tanam anggur pulok >.<


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