6 years of blogging. 6 years is quite some time for me.
Tempat berkongsi rasa, happiness. Bitterness. Everything.
Don’t know till when I will be blogging.
I don’t think someone will dropping by here and read nothing in this blog… bored isn’t.
Keeping myself occupied.. just because busy is the new happy.
Year 4 is not as depressing as year 3 but still tiring.
May be because I travelled / driving daily klang – sg.buloh.. imagine 1 ½ hour every morning and late in the evening… tiring much. :(
the workload's increasing. the expectation's getting higher. and clock is ticking!
Remembered when dr.waleem asked us in the class few months back, why ru not studying..
We’re studying dr. it’s just some days are tired enough. By the time we reach home… our battery drained already. And bed is the best place after you had a very long day in the ward or class. -_-
Believe it or not, year 4 will come to an end soon. Scary I must say.
Currently in last week of Paediatric posting and will enter Obs & Gynae next week.
Another 3 posting to go and helllllo final year T_T

Missing rainbow. Missing blog hopping but I don’t have time for this. Haiyo.
Stories and photos to be posted here…
I should be reading – finishing congenital heart diseases in kids, but I open blogspot instead.
-Ramadhan is approaching.. 18 days left inshaAllah.
-End of posting exam (Paeds and 0&G) soon.
-And theory exam for all 12 posting right after Raya.

On a side note,
Stay strong dear self.
Allah knows what is best for you and when it’s best for you to have it.

May Allah bless :)


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