try to make lots and lots of du’ā— the prophet () said the best du’ās are the du’ās on the day of ‘arafah.

"So ask Allah for everything and anything; try to come with a heart that is fully present and sincere. ask Allah to soften your heart despite living in such a cold world. ask for closeness to Him. Make du’ā for those who have helped you in becoming a better Muslim. Make du’ā for those who have hurt you, and ask Allah to give you a heart that hastens to forgive and pardon others.

Make du’ā for your parents, lots of it. Thank Allah for all that He has put you through that has made you the person you are today. But most importantly, ask for forgiveness, send prayers upon our beloved prophet () and guide, and don’t forget all of our brothers and sisters around the world that are hurting."

Dah lama rasa tak rant on something. Been busy lately.
Eid Adha is tomorrow..
InshaAllah tahun ni bakal merasa ‘korban’ sendiri.. 1 bahagian daripada 7 tu.
Dan dan rasanya hari ni di hari Arafah ni, kena check diri sendiri.
Like I mention above, try to come with a heart that is fully present and sincere. Check hati.
Let’s ask ourselves benda apa yg nak dikorbankan tahun ni.
May Allah bless.

Labbaika Allahumma labbaika. Labbaika la syarika laka labbaika. Innal hamda wanni’mata laka wal mulka. laa syarika laka.


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