positive vibes


let me show u something. a small angle. where i called it nn's workstation :)
a place where almost everyday in messed with books, papers and the list go on.
and at the end of the day i try to kemas balik. 

i dont have any other place to put my leisure time books.. just used some space on the table and arrange it.
silap hari bulan jadi menara. =.=
bookshelf? dont ask. dah super occupied tak muat dah nak add on buku baru :(
exactly 2 week less before end of posting exam 'internal medicine'. i should be preparing day n night.
usaha usaha dan usaha.
i need positive vibes arround me. surround me.

Kehidupan ini tidak adanya pernah sunyi daripada segala macam benda susah senang, serba-serbi cukup nak bagi hidup penuh warna warni. - hlovatinta. 


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