ainil sofia :)


family member. new niece. the 11th.
alhamdulillah my 2nd sister - sist wani safely gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last 7th May.
finalllllly..amir, amar, amirul got a baby sister :)
short getaway. i went to jb - meeting new anak sedare plus jumpe mama skali.
inshaAllah bulan 8 , bulan 10 dapat lagi anak sedare..
2013 - add on 3 new family members!
back in Klang....masuk 6th week of medicine posting.
EOP in two weeks time. T_T


Jot said…
comel! wa, ko bila lagi nak tolong tambah family members? heh ;)
Musafir Melayu said…

Going to expect a lot pictures of this little girl in the future (your cousins/nieces are going to appreciate the timeline of photos you have of them in this blog)
Biey said…

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