We're not broken just bent


i think i need to blog this.
reaching 23 and all those 'ado gewe doh ko / bilo nk kahwin' started to pop up. huuu.
few years back i always said this, 'ngaji prabih dulu..jodoh semua tu kerja Allah. inshaAllah one fine day.'
it's hard for me to write this. to talk about perasaan / hati sewaktu dengannya ni totally  takes time.
at least for me. 
those who close to me know how 'susohnyo mcwa nk kecep pasal gewe kawin gapo ni'.
like after a certain period, which i consider long... this April. something's wrong somewhere.
i dont know is it right, or is it wrong. only Allah knows me best.
kadang kadang konfius dgn diri sendiri. huh.
but to look at the brighter side, i think...this reaching 23 yo phase made me open my eyes a little bit. eh..
good friend said, it's time to kisahkan diri sendiri... another one said time to break the wall. 
boleh senyum dan sengih sajalah.
debator pencen told me, 'kalu sero nk serious, oyak ko mama. doa ibu.'
the thing is I've nothing to begin with.
Doa dan doa :)
banyak lagi nak ceritaaaa..tapi nak susun ayat ni pun takes time.
baik get back to Davidson + Mcleod..cukupla kena basuh dgn Dr.Waleem. phew.
 'busy is the new happy' in this 4th posting.

We're not broken just bent 
And we can learn to love again 

another emotional post this week eh. till then. 


Biey said…
Siti Khadijah said…
"busy is the new happy" WIN! 8D

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