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Of ili, zue & me

alhamdulillah, got the chance to hang out with ili. 
After few times... jumpe minggu depan, ili tak sure lagi bile free and all the -ve answers thru twitter. 
Punyelaaa sibuk zulaikha & najwa najihah nih -.- 
until yesterday, right after classes with prof Hassan, we went to ikea. 
such a good time since ili'll be back to Japan and we're few days away from the EOP.
Half day walking around btw ikea, the curve and e-curve. mengukur jalan sokmo :D

of ikea 
i love ikeaaaa. it reminds me of tom & summer. yes.
you know, i've this small wish inside me that one day i'll stroll inside ikea fr hours,
grabbing my fav items with benji. future benji. hikhikssss :D

enjoying good food. weekdays dah stressed out. occupied. 
1)dark choc cake. 
2)pouch salmon... teringin nk makan smoked salmon sbenanye.
3)and...ikea meatballs're back!

Have a good days ahead, inshaAllah.


D-SIM said…
err.. benji tu apa ?

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