Love blooms as the snowflakes


Hi readers,

 1)  seeing Dojot keep updating her blog, the itchiness came. Dah tak rajin update blog, like I used to.
2)   The fact that i almost forgot how to write stuffs. and the fact that i'm getting lazier by day, and i don't know why is that.
3)   Result clinical exam 1st rotation released yesterday. O&G. Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah. :)
4)   Year 3, another 2 posting to go and mbbs – still long way to go. *sweating*
5)    t/table eop exam dah keluar. Lagi 2 minggu nak exam. Primary care & Psychiatry. Allahu Allah..
6)    seeeee…the only thing I can talk abt is ‘study thingy’. Haih borimnye hidup si tukang crayon nih.
7)    Above picture, ‘that winter, the wind blows’. Currently watching. Heh.
8)      You know I'd fight for you but how can I fight for someone who isn't even there.

Alrighty, I'm done for now


D-SIM said…
hoho dah jadi pelajar, kompom fokus pada pelajaran itu lebih sampai terspill kat belog. eh
Siti Khadijah said…
baru tengok 1st episode kat dailymotion, tapi dah suka kat oh soo.
tapi wa, aku kan tak sibuk mcm ko. tak payah nak itchy sangat boleh tak? hahah :D

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