Jan 19, 2013

keep calm and stay strong.


People think I’m strong for the struggle I’ve had,
Problems I’ve encountered, and pains I’ve felt.
But they are wrong.
Because I’ve a weak heart. But behind me is a strong God. – quoted.

Reminiscing. Re-walking these past 5 years.
Things happened. Pahit manis. Pengalaman demi pengalaman.
Penah jatuh. I think that time was the lowest point of my life.
Tapi sebenarnya that one is actually a beginning. Permulaan.
Things are going to be okey. Yakin dengan Allah Yang Maha Kuasa.
Allah caught me from the fall :’)

2013. semoga tahun ini lebih baik hendaknya.
Time for solitude. God, I ask you to remake my heart. Fill it with what You love. Remove from it
what You don't. And mend what I've broken. - Yasmin Mogahed.

p/s : switch on osce & clinical exam mode. Imtihan dulu then cuti. Arasso. ;)


Qaseh Dania said...

all the best wa!
balik kampung after EOP! hehe...
chayook2 for osce n eop dulu..=D

najihah iman said...

@qaseh dania,
2 down, 1 more to go.
super scary clinical exam.
fight till d end! lps tu balik kampunggg :)


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