december !

protect the boss :D

sometimes, out of boredom i'll pick up any book - any kdrama that i've read /watch and browse through it, just to find any interesting dialog that i could laugh at. -missing reading goood books :(

the Cha boys actually loves each other dearly. well, deep in their hearts lah :p

 Moo Won sneakily put a slice of onion in Ji Hun's rice bowl.
and he pretended he's not doing anything.
Ji Hun's taking a bit bite of the onion, and...
and he erupted lol XD

1)minggu pertama posting 'paeds' - cant say much. still adapting. heh.
2)december - january ; bulan penuh event. inshaAllah i'll be attending all - annual dinner, ims dean list award, plus convocation fr my 1st degree. mencuri ruang di celah kesibukan.
keep the dua. Doa itu wireless. Dan coverage dia masuk satu universe - Hlovate :)


AviCenNna said…
sesibuk mana pun, sempat je nak rehat kan..dah nak convo? bestnya...
Musafir Melayu said…

Huhu, junior dua semester dah nak pergi konvo, and I haven't taken mine yet.

All the best in the final month of this year!
najihah iman said…
yeah.sempat je curik2 rest.

@musafir melayu,
tunggu balik msia check out scroll ye senior.
btw kteorg pun tak eksaited mane nak grad...sbb still tengah belajar lg kot.
syukran senior :)

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