.climbing this hill.


Tidak ada satu tarikan nafas pun yang kau hembuskan, melainkan ada takdir yang dijalankanNya pada dirimu. Kerana itu, tunduklah pada Allah dalam setiap keadaan” -
 [Ibn Athaillah]

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.
I’m officially a 3rd year mbbs student. :’)
I made a decission FOUR years ago.
FOUR years ago, my life made a change, a change that as I can see I wasn't ready for. I had to do it, but it wasn't only me.
Now I have the opportunity  to make that choice again, but this time forever. 
Now I have the opportunity to say I'M READY.
I ask Allah  to help me.

Trusting Allah would not make the mountain smaller but will make climbing easier. Do not ask Him for a lighter load, but ask Him for a stronger back. Do not lose hope in Allah. Trust Allah for whatever happens in life as He holds the hikmah of the heaven and the earth, and indeed He knows what we know not.

p/s : 4 years.that terrified moment.pengalaman.kisah yg tersimpan


axvist said…
be strong~ let's go through this together. :)

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