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Running Man 101
HaHa:Can I ask you this?
Gary:What is it?
HaHa:I found something suspicious while i was investigating, so i'm asking this for caution's sake.You know the criminal SJH?
Gary:Yes SJH
HaHa:I heard that u went out with her one time before


HaHa:Can u investigate with that feeling yet?
Gary:That time i fell in love for short time
HaHa:So this time you guys don't have such thing? 
Gary:Of course
HaHa:i'm watching you
KBS:It's like a movie.Love with the criminal
Gary:I wonder if she's escaping well
Gary:Oh sorry, I'm sorry....She should have caught the bus earlier
HaHa:Are u for real?
Gary:I'm Sorry
HaHa:You shouldn't put your feeling 
Gary:I took them all out.I'll take the nametag with my hand ok?

1)sy belum tengok latest episode running man  - tapi bace screencaps ni lol..
2)La Furia Roja champion!! Euro 2012.. puas hati 4-0.dgn style tiki taka tu. Lagi Torres scored..
terus awarded with golden boots. Yeahhh Torres! :D
2)minggu ni dan minggu depan. Exhausted weeeeeeeks. viva internship + presentation thesis.RP.  
3)semoga dipermudahkan tiap urusan..sikit je lagi nak habiskan 1st degree. tiap tindakan yg diambil ni kena check balik nawaitu, everything kerana Allah.. semalam dah nk stress dh..tapi cool down..benda yg kite tak suka tu kadang2 baik utk kita.. [2;216] :)


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