dah macam adik beradik :)

A pictorial post.

roomate - syahirah..or adik ira :) we're like partner in crime... :D
the other roomate, Syak's now in Ipoh..
mimie + zue - putus fius 
fathin & faiqah - kak ngah n kak long
housemates! incomplete without Syak.

Im still wide awake at 4am..being late sleeper.recently. :(
Too many important things are happening right now.
1)i don’t know whether I’ll be updating my blog this weekend..so here najwa najihah would like
   to wish all dear readers Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa…may Allah grant us healthy body physically n spiritually so that we’ll able to perform tarawikh every night, long sitting reciting the love letters, easily waking up for sahur, and do many other gooood things in this blessed Ramadhan.
2)mintak maaf lahir batin for any wrong doings..yeah she’s slumber..she’s often aci redah in things..again she don’t really cares about benda remeh temeh n the list go on.  that’s najwa najihah.. asif jiddan.
3)all photos credit to mimie. i bring along inche N, and 5 mins later..battery exhausted. blame me! =.=
    left iphone at home too..so pretty messed up huh.

Have a very gooood days ahead friends :) 


Qaseh Dania said…
cantek gmbr2 ni!..hehe.=)

selamat menyambut ramadahan yg bakal tiba ni..alhmdulillah, kali ni byk masa dgn family sikit..=)

jumpa lagi nnti time hardcover..hehe...
najihah iman said…
@Qaseh dania,

alhamdulillah tahun ni berpeluang sambut awal ramadhan dgn femly :)
see u nx week housemate :)

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