Jun 18, 2012



kalau penjaja buku supplier novel mat salleh..
now add on ajran centre – where u can find books published by dakwah corner.

Recent purchased.
1)Velvet di Durham.  rase mcm belaja falsafah..poems bersame2 Fid.
2)Sebelas Patriot – Kata Andrea Hirata, “Jika ada hal lain yang sangat menakjubkan di dunia ini selain cinta, bola sepak.”
3)My Muslim Sister..Will You Not Respond? By nawaal bin Abdullah
4)A Commentary on Ibn Taymiyyah’s Essay on The Hearts – Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
5)Tremendous Benefits A Gift for the Doctors, the Sick and the Attendant – Dr. Muhammad bin Abdir Rahman al-Areefee
6)The Islamic Way of Life Series l ; Prayer Guidelines.

Tahniah Egyption. Doctor Mohammed Mursi is the first Egyptian President of the republic elected by the people. Allhamdulillah. AllahuAkhbar.
On a side note tak sabar nak jumpe mcnih next week…
get my copies of the perks of being a wallflower + anna and the French kiss.

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