hello june :-)

Waiting - Mae

Once alone and too afraid
Of strangers knocking on my door
And well, you came in
I knew you'd win
But i was sitting on the front porch swinging
And waiting

I tried walking with you in mind
But looking down saw my feet were tied
I took to thinking about how easy it could be
But then the fear and the chains became a part of me

Always waiting
For my ride to pick me up
On my time
Seems i'm staying
As the others cross finish lines
I could break with the day
I could set into speed
but to tell you the truth I'm always waiting
Always waiting

Caged in with a beautiful view
And i was waiting for the night when i could soar with you
But when you picked me up, released me to fly
I found that i had clipped my own wings dry
And waiting

I don't want it back, I don't want it back, I don't want it back

And I'll set in to speed
Are you driving away?
Are you driving to me?
To tell you the truth, I'm always waiting

All we did was find our wings
All I can do is drive away


1)just came back from kl. Puas hati masuk mph jumpe 11 patriot by Andrea Hirata. Tinggal satu je.
   juga beli Velvet di Durham..ingat nak amik the best of me, tapi harga dia double biasa..hmm.sabar lah
   dulu. Plus sy dalam misi nak kumpul few books ni. thanks to PTS ade cheaper books utk mission sy ni.
2)ingat nak try skinfood. Tapi masuk the faceshop. annyeong haseyo kecep2 korea lah sikit..mcm biase beli mask... Add on facial mist. Ade salessss + dapat free gift..weeeho :)
3) things get stuffier around me, and i wish i could run away. Stress nak mula dah ni…….
4)June 2012…hmmm.

-Mae have some of the best lyrics.


KA said…
Wa dtg KL buat ape wa?
najihah iman said…
teman kakak ina..dia ade keje.
jd freelance pengasuh, jage kembar :D

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