May 5, 2012


view from Persanda. thats federal highway. kalau ke kanan menghala ke klang. ke kiri pegi KL.

Something left
Holding us
Pulls me closer in
Take a breath
And the color will return again

Calling now, it terrifies me
And I don’t know why
There you go, you’re paralyzing me
And I don’t know why…
                                                                                                                                                           Munich by  The Fray

-result semester lepas out last Monday. Alhamdulillah… :’) tinggal RP+com med (which is current internship ni)
-scars and stories, the fray – eh tak complete lagi ni. all time favorite band huh.
-above picture, credit to kak jan. sy sebenanya suke tengok view dari balkoni rumah, where I can see batu 3 interjunction and the highways.. dari 12-13, tingkat 12 ni….malam2 nampak cahaya lampu je.

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