May 11, 2012

faith friday


1.happpy birthday big sista / pediatrician in the house, dr.fatihah. have a blast!
2.happpy  sweet & smart 22nd birthday dear dormmate ali house of champions, ku ina.
3.3 weeks at obstetrics and gynecology, encounter a lot of new things. In real life. first time tengok uterus – uterine tube-ovary, got 15 yo patient with teratoma ovarian tumor stage 1 c. common pcos in young lady, fibroids and more. Gonna post abt this later on.
4.ongoing logbook, delay reports, freeze thesis. Kejar dateline.
More important now, mom ples ples get well soon. Im worried.


adlinanilda said...

thx dear ex dormmate aka secret admire ms form4. hehe, those are our good old days, no joke.

najihah iman said...

teringat game tu.tukar2 hadiah :D
bulan bintang.. :)
long live our good old days :)


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