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Did u remember I mentioned here I went to Konvensyen Fiqh Ummah 2012 in last february.
2 days attending kfiqh. Banyak sangat ilmu yg dapat. Alhamdulillah.
Paling suka jemputan khas. Mufti Ismail Menk.

Mufti Ismail Musa Menk. The Zimbawean Muslim cleric is no longer a stranger in Malaysia. In February 2012 he paid his very first visit to Kuala Lumpur where he presented various Islamic talks and even hosted an exclusive ‘meet and greet’ session with his Malaysian Facebook and Twitter followers. However, for most Malaysians the highlight of his visit was the sold-out two-day lecture in University Malaya. The topic of his first lecture addressed issues regarding family life whereas the second lecture discussed ways we can be steadfast in our deen. This series of articles was inspired by Mufti Menk’s lectures. –


Steadfastness is granted by Allah to whomsoever he wishes. Always remember when you're looking Allah will open your doors. Steadfastness can't be achieved when you keep on thinking what people will say about you.

How to be steadfast to our Deen?

1. Whatever we do in life do it for the sake of Allah and follow the path of the messenger Rasulullah s.a.w. Remember Rasulullah will be waiting for us. We have an appointment with him on ressurection day. He will be waiting for us at his well to give us a drink that will quench our thirst forever as we know at Masyar the sun is just inches away from our head. But if we refuse to follow Allah and his Messenger s.a.w we won't be able to even go near Rasulullah s.a.w.
2. Do good deeds for the maker.
3. Protect your Salaah as u can notice first 21 juz of the Al-Quran mentions about establishing your Salaah. Teringat verses 4-5 surrah al-maun
. "Maka celaka lah orang yang salat. (yaitu) orang yang lalai terhadap solatnya."
4. Remain in Wuduq for as long as possible as it will protect you from bad things and do your Salaah on time.
5. Remind each other what is good and bad. Remember a true friend is a friend who tells you when you are going astray from the path. Or if it’s not possible say a doa for them that May Allah guide them to the right path, Ameen.
6. Always remember knowledge is like an ocean...theres no end so keep seeking knowledge.
7. Have fear in Allah, fear of his punishment.
8. Protect your tongue from slanderring, back bitting, gossip and protect your eyesight from whats haram.

We are all humans and human makes mistakes. Never give up on the mercy of Allah. Allah has promised when we walk to him he will run towards us waiting to give us the hidayah.
One article in harian metro today said - bina satu slogan peribadi, 'Tak sempurna hari tanpa membaca al-quran'. :) baca dah fahamilah satu ayat each day, at least.

inshaAllah, lain waktu sy share precious things lain yg pula ya. :-)


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