Apr 26, 2012

angin baking


Last weekend, besides kimchi, urs truly also baked a cake.
Datang angin nak masak2 nih. Plus on the same day blaja buat sayur masak lemak.
Org klantan should know this. :D

My first attempt of kek nenas terbalik. 
-texture tak cantik. i know that.
-manis sikit. 
tapi 2 hari dah habis kek ni. :D

x de ceri. replaced dengan anggur...aigoo.
Notes :-
1.managed to bake a plain butter cake this afternoon. Mom requested. :)
2.teringin nak buat American brownies. Sokmo dop beli secret recipe jah..acu try buat skali :D
3.dan weekend ni – jom buat smoothies. got asparagus in the fridge, gonna blend w bananas, pineapples, apples. Gaya hidup sihat sikit ;)

It’s not about having the perfect relationship. It’s about finding someone who will be there through everything without giving up. –The Vow
Am agree with this. that someone. One fine day.


oxaloacetate89 said...


Waahhhh,bgusnye die!! wawa,sedap eah cake nanas? kak tika x prnh tahu pon ad cake nanas... :)

najihah iman said...

wsalam k.tika :)

simple je kek nenas ni k.tika,
recipe dia rasenye same mcm butter cake, just add on kepingan nenas b4 letak adunan tu :)


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