Mar 21, 2012

moon embraces sun.

The moon that embraces the sun!

A really good drama and yeah well worth watching. I don’t really watch historical drama,
actually this is the 2nd after sungkyunkwan scandal. I probably just started to watch ( moon embraces sun) because it starred Kim Soo Hyun.heh.
If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you so. This one is pretty good start for people who wants to start watching historical drama. :D :D
Btw Alhamdulillah I settled few things today. Account statement done, reg LI dgn dr.ammar and few more things to be done next Monday. Amik handbooks, surat pengesahan utk LI from admin + jumpe supervisor. Stressnye tak dapat jumpe dokter durgadas till today.

p/s : packing for Singapore. Rehat minda sebelum internship :)


ADEEYA said...

Have a good holiday Wawa :)

adlina said...

pegi ke spore? hihi

ayrswansea said...

moon, nak copy! haha XD


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