Jan 19, 2012



So long… post about books.
Before going back home tomorrow, let me update something.
Cerita tahun lepas.
I didn’t attend super awesome 1st Big bad wolf books @ maeps, serdang.
With p.a texted me saying his adik bought books around 2 boxes.
And mcnih bought books as well.
I was like… kenape sale termurah terbesar macam2 buku boleh jumpe ni buat
tengah tengah sy exam -_- so yeah right after exam balik kbr.
Till p.a again informed about 2nd big bad wolf books.
Hohoooo… terus dalam kepala list out wanted books.
I attended 2nd BBWB @ south city plaza.. tapi buku2 dia dah mixed out, random.
Each book cost rm5. Daebak lah!

Im not using my inche Nikon for a time. The last time was during syawal 2011.
So pagi ni remove the lens from its body. And do some cleaning.
And I snapped a picture of 2 books with a mug of instant the tarik.
I should stop here. Gotta sort out things, lipat baju and packing.

p/s : gonna spend my last week of January at home. Hehe :)

Have a gooood days ahead, peeps!


Musafir Melayu said...


I was reading this monotonously until the "...2nd big bad wolf books"

When is it!??

Uh, but then again, I doubt I'll be able to go...I may missed out the Cairo book fair as well...uh =-="

Good day to you too. :)

Sofia Zara said...

wa..can i borrow those delicious books pleaseeee??? *buat muka comel ..

wa..balik cepat! our reunion is coming.. cant wait! mish u!! ♥

Qaseh Dania said...

wah, byk benar buku wa..hm, nnti nk try lah satuu.hehe..

wa, slmt holiday waaa..=))


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