if everyone cared.

im joongkiers :D

Early semester 6 ;
-I think the feeling of being 6th sem students are just coming.
 Last night while on the way to iftar with housemates, I received a call. ‘May I talk to Najwa Najihah please’ and guess who. There goes Dr.Durgadass calling her student to ask about progression of RP. I was shocked and mahu tergagaaap nak talking over the phone.  Phewwww. Bersyukur dapat supervisor yg prihatin sanggup call malam malam. He’s microbiologist btw.
-yesterday also we just informed about the IMS Annual Dinner. And it’ll be held next week. Finally… after so many tunda menunda due to money, Dato’ pres can’t make it and bla bla.
-and very first presentation of Research Project also will be held next week. One day before and after the dinner thingy. Sounds cool huh.
- These 2 weeks are going to be rush, busy, compact week for us.
-Me myself need to re-do the proposal. Stick to the main plan. Prepare the presentation things and help the rest crew for the upcoming annual dinner.  

Oh running man still being my daily vitamin dose. :D I just can’ wait to watch ‘Running Man Hong kong Special.”. Got yonggggggghwa and Jackie chan!!
Episode 70 daebakkk!  The runners & bungee jumping. :O

p/s : plugging my ears with Korean ballad songs. Credits to dojot intro sg.wannabe. 


si wangi said…
wa dah start sem baru. ina baru nak final around 2 weeks more. haihh =.="
ayrswansea said…
yah~ didn't i, like, introduced them to you 2 years ago? baru skrg nak plugging? even i am no longer a fan XD
najihah iman said…
baru sempat nak reply komen.
aja2 fighting ina,
slamat b'imtihan :)

ahaaa.sory jot before ni rase mcm too slow, induced zzzz.
but now, eh best la plak kan :D

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