.4th sem end.

“What can I do about missing you 24 hours a day? I miss you right now. I miss you to death! What should I do? Lee Seol I love you. I said, this Mr. P loves you.” - Park Hae Young

I just reviewed, watched couples episode of my princess.
And I like those words, hit me eh :D
Yeah, I miss u but I can do nothing. Sadis.
It’s Friday. And im going home tonight. :)



Tahniah sebab dapat habis sem 4
Izzati Hashim said…
salam alaik.

tahniah wa dah hbs sem ni (=

selamat menikmati cuti :D

p/s : yeah, i miss u but i can do nothing. Perhaps? Huu.
.ina✿✲-· said…
macam kenal la hero tuuuuu ! :)
najihah iman said…
trima kasih :)

thanks T..cuti seminggu,berehat @kb. :)

song seung hun-hero autumn in my heart.serious ch0mell je cte ni :)
ellisa said…
missing someone is not a fun feeling to have. ;(
najihah iman said…
very true.
sangat tak best. :(
izzati wahib said…
tahniah dah abis empat sem!
dah merdeka eh.jeles2
najihah iman said…
huuu jauh perjalanan lg ni..
another 4 yers+ to go!

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