feliz cumpleaños :)


feliz cumpleaños mi mejor amiga querida

from left : ina & birthday girl
T, nop g lagi pata neh..pantai bachok.

28.11..happpy birthday my dear bestfriend.
Reminiscing the old days,  back in kisas.
2006 ; we were both in the same ‘house’-  ALI.
Different dorm, she was in E31..and me in E32.
Even though she’s klantanese too, I just don’t have the guts to make a move, approaching her.
Mungkin sebab dia serious.pendiam..and me mmg tak berani sikit nak approach org yg pendiam2 ni :D
Until 2007 ; senior year. We were in the same dorm. E24..
she's brilliant.she's a cool kak ngoh :) ciri2 kakak yg terbaik..dan sy ciri ank bongsu yg always need a hand.
she's the one who helps me a lot during inspection..stretch the bed sheet.
'T,tolong ak..tegangkan katil..T tolong ak ni..T tolong ak tu'  :D :D
From the early days of 2007 until now, the bonding become stronger. Alhamdulillah.
Sending warm and loving wishes
Of happiness and cheer,
And everything you need to start
Another happy year
Dear zati hananin, Allah bless U.

Oh happy 20th too to mister idil. The good friend of cik birthday girl.
Dua2 skolah same dari form 1 till masuk kisas.
Happy birthday kot bahase german ape eh? :D

p.s : rindu nak gath gn geng kisas. zati.wan syaq.mirah.wani :)


epi besdei zati~heee. . .
wa. . .da song really nice hoh~i like. . .kenyet3~
najihah iman said…
we the kings :)
zT said…
wan: thanks :)

wa: feel like crying ms bc ni..hee.pre-adult dh la...adeh..reminiscing 2007 :)
thanks eh..u noe what-friendShip never sink :)
najihah iman said…
no biggis T.
mg saim baik ak..dulu,kini..n upcoming days..inshaAllah.
wish bleh bli kek..celebr8 gn mg+sep ni.

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