Slept early and woke up early..cutii2, delay la stengah ke sejam :D
Found this phrase at tumblr, and  I reblog.
If you love somebody and you want to be with them, then go get them. Deal with the mess later. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
— One Tree Hill
Minutes later, mcnih retweet me and ask this,
Kalau orang tu dah ade gewe macam mane? Gewe : means someone special  in klantanese dialect.
Hahaha..trus gelak bace soklan mcnih ni.
I said to her, if he got someone special, then just selamat tinggallah. Gooood bye.
Talking about these heart n feelings, i’m just afraid. Yes, the truth is I’m afraid.
I’m terrified to get close to people. Lets the reasons remain in small part of my heart. =.=

p.s : thought that i never get bored watching oth. ;)


zue anak sudin said…
love u chad michael murray!!! *kisses!*

sedap ayat tu... maybe aku perlukan ayat tu..kan3??? hehe

tape...nnt die dtg, die takkan buat ko takot~ malah, ko gembira. ;)
najihah iman said…
ape nih..kisses kt belog ak nih.
ko amik cr dah rh.
adehh zue,tau lah tgh blossom skrg :P
tak sbr nk dgr whole story jigsaw puzzle ko. :)
love that quote ^^!
thats true dear, very true... :)

p/s : wanna copy paste it, may i?
najihah iman said…
@izzati hashim,
sleke2 T.. :)

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