p.s : exam tak exam sempat tukar layout...ni la bile terajin tertekan template design tu.huh.


Musafir Melayu said…
Things you would like to have Harry Potter in exam time:

1. A wand to "zap" away all the MCQs

2. A potion to remember all the essay points

3. An owl who would steal the answer sheet.

4. An arch nemesis who would instead turn your invigilator into mice!

5. The hat who would give all the answer?

Haha, keep fighting for your exam!
12-21 said…
smart gmbar! tngkap sndiri ko?
najihah iman said…
@musafir melayu
i like those phrases..
lagi best klu fred gn george letupkan bunga api dlm hall..trus berterbangan kertas2 :D

err..dop ihsan pak cik google :D

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