one more time..

While waiting for sang pemimpi, loading.

It’s not a good semester break if you’re not gonna spend a few hours in front of the lattop watching six of the Harry Potter films :)

-I’m not watching all those six. I just picked any of them, usually the very 1st film. Adorable kids!
-1st week of sem breaks, killed the time by watching Korean’s drama+films played by Jackie chan. How I wish I have
  a full set of grey’s anatomy season 6.
- I just passed by a bookstore today and went straight to Big Apple, indulged myself with iceberg.
- I listened to Koreans song a lot. and I started to like music-played through violin. Celo. I don’t know how to say it
  here.. Aha..nn dah masuk mode slow2 ni. :D :D
-replay n replay starlight tears by kim yu kyung, as well as one more time by three bicycles.
-enough rambling!


kasih dania said…
wa.tgk harry2 lagi ke??? heheeh...mmg sakan movie la naa..heheh...happy watching..hehe
najihah iman said…
@kasih dania,
tgk mcm2 tu jek. :D
bleh dah start cooking2 nih.. :)
zue anak sudin said…
tak abeh2 ngan HP die lg... ditambah dgn korean fever lak...ishk3... huhu
najihah iman said…
ni la keje ak..
bkn mcm ko tue..ade crita baru..
dlm hati ade taman katekan :P

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