.red warriors.


Thank you nik nadiah n anis safiah for today.
Even we just went for some places, ordered this and that, and enjoyed our food together.
And surely do the talking2-update stories.
I wish the rest crew were here too.
*red warriors station*
We had our lunch here.
everything is in red-white color. emphasize on klantan's flag itself.
talked about the menu, i was laughing once i scanned through the pages-menu.
The player’s name is combined with spaghetti, soup and macaroni.
Included the drinks, pineapple penalty. Apple free kick.
Even though I’m not big fan of Piala Malaysia, why don’t I support this red team for this upcoming final piala Malaysia match.  Gomo klate gomo. :D

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.


zue anak sudin said…
waaahh...shopping ke wa?? hehe
najihah iman said…
shopping sayur zue.. :D
natashacherahim said…
ape jadi erk kalau pemain2 kelantan tkr club??hhahaha..that's mean..menu2 kat TRW station kna tukar la kot..kan wa???hahahahah..aritu kak sha ada jgk g makn situ..leh tahan la...tp klakar..segenap tempat ada nama2 pemain..number meja pn ciap ada biodata pemain..hikhkhik

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