Emotions collide n i rant ere =.=

few things ;
1.Sy dah amik slip exam.ade 4 subjects clash.2 subjects a day.jerit dalam hati je.
2.Sy rase nak pegi pulau.resort.dari cuti sem last year lagi.huu.
3.Sy tak suka bila sy teringat orang..dan orang tu mcm dah disconnect dgn sy.tragis.
4.Sy nak makan.makan.makan.emosi mcm roller coaster and I need my comfort food.
5.Sadly in need a visit to bookshop.heeee… hold on.exam dulu.
6.Sy tak sabar nak tengok hp 7 part one. nak tengok bill n fleur's wed.nak xplore harry,ron,hermione cari horcruxes.

Kepingan yg hilang,hati yg tak berape nak sihat..let’s get back on track.
Alhamdulillah, love letters ade utk sooth kan diri yg unwell ni.

No misfortune occurs except by Allah's permission. Whoever believes in Allah—He will guide his heart. Allah has knowledge of all things”-[at-Taghabun;11]

This worldly realm is the field of testing, the abode of service. It is not the place of pleasure, reward, and requital. Considering, then, that it is the abode of service and place of worship, sicknesses and
misfortunes—as long as they do not affect belief and are patiently endured—conform fully to service and worship, and evenstrengthen it. Since they make each hour’s worship equivalent to that of a day, one should offer thanks instead of complaining.~ Harun Yahya,secret behind our test.

 p.s : esok beraye banting-bukit jalil. :)


zue anak sudin said…
ya, aku le tu. org igt aku, aku lak lupe die.... -_-"

jadual exam yg sgt best. redha je... tak tau da nak ckp camne.

bkt jalil??? tak jemput pun~ ;p
najihah iman said…
laju je k0men..
erkk..jgn nak perasan zue..
ckp gn ko mcm ckp gn tiang.minggu ni lah. =.=
bkt jalil, tak jemput pun nak pegi gak :D
iLiYamashita said…
eh. bukit jalil? tak jemput pn~~~ haha! hafiz buat open house esok. datang r! join r! jom r! cik siti pn!
najihah iman said…
@ili, mmg tak jemput..
tp nak serang gak :D
pegi banting->bkt jalil
jalan2 umah housemates.
halwani said…
kukup perhaps?
najihah iman said…
nop g pulau..sapo lah nk bwk =.=

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