hari ni,
rase super exhausted.nasib tak breakdown.light off lagi.
sore ni, ku mahu crayon2 sikit pasal bola...
masuk pusingan kalah mati ni mcm lagi best je rase.
of bola n history~ ;)
i realised somehow..i do love watching football matchs.
heh..selama ni deny cakap tak de la minat sangat.kan.
i was 8 when i watch worldcup 1998. my very first time lah.
the final game was btw france n brazil..and yes,d host was fortunate enough to win that game, 
France won over Brazil. 3-0...moved into 2002, the spirits became more colourful,because of the classmates,
we were 12 that time. we pasted our feveret player's picture on d front file cover..asked our brother to
buy any accessories regarding the team..and forced ourself to stay up to watch the game..
this time around, brazil won over germany...2-0.
moved into 2006,i was in kisas..i just update the news via papers.
no more watching games with big bro n baba.no more further comments with my clan.
bleh je tengok kat dewan kuliah, but it wouldn't be nice for us-muslimat to watch together
with muslimeen..elok kena sound je kan :D
then this year 2010, i did watching the early games with big brother,brothers in law n baba.
lagi meriah.lagi banyak yang nak mengulas..with abe supports Arg,bros in law support england n brazil,
me support spain..nice kan..hehe.
geng skolah rendah? tak yah cakaplah-still semangat mcm dulu. wish puyie'll stop n huv a read here.
this is my story-in btw worldcup n myself. 
tomorrow,thought a beautiful game will be, spain vs portugal.
n looks like i'm going to have a fight with cik zulaikha..
Todos los mejores de Espana. yo estoy con vosotros.. 

*motif : nak tunjuk jersey villa tu as peneman hp-bli kt pasar pagi*

p.s : i'm still remember, stayed up late to watch final euro 2008.spain won over germany.
+ bought spain keychain for my hp..looking for torres,but i got villa instead.7.


zT said…
ouh, i shud have 1 for germany.lols~
zue anak sudin said…
ko mmg semangat wawa. apa2 pun ko semangat!!!! ;)
haal said…
semangat sungguh!
najihah iman said…
german vs argentina..soon..
oezil vs messi :D

ni post tgh stress act.
merapu je lbih.hehe
kasih dania said…
wa....smgat wa...tnggu game mlm ni...ehhe..all the best wa..haahha....
najihah iman said…
@kasih dania

2.30 pm.spain.must watch...
+gaduh dgn zue....habis!!
Mat Pintu said…
ini dia Ruud van Puyie datang...kali ni aku tuka nama aku jadi WesYie Sneijder pulok! haha.

saye sunggoh, jerman VS holland final pahni. gudbai la spain...spain main passing, bukan main bola. haha

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