‘I see the sun beam the perfect ray,
I wanna send out a gazillion bouquet.
I hear the chords that resonate,
It's just another,
oh oh, oh ordinary day.
I see the clouds shake,
A sweet aray
It's just another,
oh oh, oh ordinary day.
And we can sit there,
beside the hills.
Maybe we'll notice that the world is standing still.
Some things may go and,
some stay the same.
in just another
oh oh, oh ordinary day.’ – ordinary day, Emilie mover.

this week gonna be another ‘sibuk week’.
With the faculty’s programs ahead.
to all my friends – all d best in your exam. Bitaufiq wannajah.


kasih dania said…
yeass..sibuk week..a lots of thing need to ..yg tertngguh2 tu kne wt..heheh...
all the best jgk utk kamu n utk kawan2 sume..ganbette ne.!!!
zue anak sudin said…
all the best juga wawa!

alamak..rase byk pulak benda tak settle~ -_-"


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