jumaat :)


tiap kali jumaat, tiap kali tu jugak mahu update blog-
dear readers, thanks kerana singgah.thanks kerana sudi dropping by.
those yg bosan@ape2 je, its ok.u may leave :)
blog ni sort of my online journal lah...when it comes to throw out@spill something,
let just be here.ok. :)
balik dari class tadi, fathin said : lagi seminggu.
me : lagi seminggu ape?
fathin : lagi seminggu nak balik rumah. 
yesssss...a week to go! 
i'm not in d list who always wanted to go home-homesick etc etc
but,for the time being...recently,ya,sy msuk list tu. -_-
mintak maaf haal, i didnt mean to make u feel homesick@what.
it's just me yg sangat2 mahu pulang. + pulak ade new comers.
the reason become stronger inspite of missing my mama n baba :)
have a very short chat via phone with my mom last night,
"hati2 pegi camping..hati2 main air..hati2 in everything"-mama
inshaAllah ma...as long as i'm well-sehax walafiat,i'll keep myself baik2 je.
Allah with me.only fear to Him.not other thing.

"Everyone has a shadow. And the only way to get rid of a shadow,is to turn off the light. To stop running from the darkness, and face what you fear. Head on."
ya, semalam sangat rajin investigate sth..huh,ape motif awk buat mcm tu ye?!
tak pe lah, moga awk baik2 aje. there's nothing to worry. i am me. awk ttp awk! 

a reminder for me,

may Allah bless~


zT said…
seems like i need some explanation neh hehe
mcwa,it's ok.mmg homesick dh sket.mu jst tmbh jd agk parah jh.;p
Cik Akma said…
sayaaaa pon homesikkk :(
izzati homesick said…
tak sampai seminggu pun lagi wa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
argh..histeria di sini hehe

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