break d rules


am a rules breaker.erk -_-
mmg mcm ni dari dulu kan.hailoh..
my last cny breaks cultivate me to start saving..start to like art n its all about D90. :(
n my current faculty's program do trigger me to stay strong n really need to save.
inshaAllah..if this 'prog' go smoothly, i do need my own savingkan. >.<
1 way to spend my money wisely's kurangkan shopping buku..hihi.ya sangat susah.
how can a books lover control herself from buying any books.asking myself..
end up this morning i went to pasar pagi, having usual penang char kuew teow there n bought some home stuff
then dropped by a moment at mph,giant...konon nak tengok je.
terbeli lah nyanyian sunyi by miskiah masrom-texted dojot right at d moment, cinta&rindu menurut alquran&assunnah by ibnu qayim al-jauziyah+reader digest for march..
n i still have 2 more books in d list, books for soul-pencerahan.
strict to myself, no books for mac and exception for versus ^.^
talk about nyanyian sunyi, i challenge myself to scrutinize each line of this book.
dojot said : u'll find a lot in this nyanyian sunyi..she's the one who introduce this cerita.
i'm not so into sastera-bahasa..yeah,it's time to make a difference.
see, i start to like seni...*wink* 
i've a lab test together with a quiz tomorrow.
aja2 fighting njwa..
n final exam's really near d corner..middle of march.bear in mind -_-

p.s : looks like my mini library can't receive any more books.
       will need a cute bookcase@smart drawer in the future..
       if any of my sibs's reading this, dont worry. ur adik has her own saving idea ^.^


sHieLa said…
ouh. i missed to lepak2 in mph lagi.
duduk baca buku without even noticing the time that flies. dan..sangat nak baca versus too. =p
najihah iman said…
:) lepak kt mph mmg cool..
versus tak release lg..waiting.
maskiah masrom tue lecturer bm ak;p
najihah iman said…
yap..dia ank jati johor..
lecturer bm kt ipti.noted. ;)
kasih dania said…
buku lagi wa??? ish3..hehehe....
wa, dh slamt siap lab test kite waa....heeheheh x bku tue?
ktorg dnshkn bli kt sini.
so,kne dlu stok dlu.)
najihah iman said…
kasih dania~
lab test nervous done..ade lagi yg berbaki -_-
buku mmg x leh nak avoid..hihi

so far ok je..
trying to fahami each of the gurindam :D
beli sastera melayu!

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