s o u l


Soul-jiwa-hati...clean n clear..
everything's begin with your soul-your niat kan..

from His love letters, there're 2 aspects of soul,
- one inspiring evil and mischief..
- one guarding against every inclination to evil..
(agak2 brapa percentage kte untuk each aspects ni-the path's not straight-ade bumps sana sini, tu kena
 beringat selalu, like mom said to me, orang tua always think further...fikir utk long term, but orang2 muda ni
 live this life macam tu jek..fikir utk short term- yang ni sy mmg nak kena repair, decide something slalu tak
 amik pusing benda2 yg related to it..+ do remember, to begin something with an END in mind..hidup kat dunia ni transit je..dont ever sink with the dunia things..sementara je)

" you who believe! if you fear of God, He will give you a criterion (by which to judge between right and wrong) and erase your bad actions from you and forgive you. God's favour is indeed in men see" - Al-anfal ; 29
"the self and what proportioned it and inspired it with depravity and fear of God, he who purifies it has succeeded, he who covers it up has failed" - Ash-shams ; 7-10

 **mengingatkan myself- that fear of God draws a person nearer to God, make him/her attain a deeper faith,
     enables oneself to conduct his/her life responsibly toward God every moment of his/her life,
     and nurture his/her dedication to the values of the Quran**
 - change for good-



zue anak sudin said…
repair balek apa yg patut~ =)
tulip putih said…
aritu da bace tp x smpat ag nk tinggal jejak..hihi

waaa..sangat suker post ni..
simple yet a gentle reminder to us!..


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