what can i do?
what can i say?
i need a place to hide away
just for a while, just for a smile
just for the life i used to know..
** erk dah masuk mode mengarut**
texted dojot yesterday, asking for few random question..but in every qs+answer,there're lot
of hidden meanings..
i said : change for good
she listed down all the things that i should do..(dis 18 dec dah move into 1431H..thinking over sth)

banyak benda keep spinning inside my gray n white matter...
thanks for those who cheer me up, i love u la ^.^
n listening to my mom's cerita-komen is the best thing in everyday's routine.
even tgh swing-haywire mcm mana pun..ok, msuk mode rindu mama+baba

"succesful indeed is the one who purifies his whole self" - [ash-Shams 91:9]


zue anak sudin said…
waaahhh~ wawa hati pink gak eh? pandai rindu merindu. huhu.. takpa2, aku faham. =p
najihah iman said…
aduh..ape pink2 ni..
rindu parent terchenta lah..;(

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