havin my first class with Dr Mohan this morning..
at the same time, i'm copying the new schedule, which's i'm going to enter any lecture-practical based on 'even and odd week'- n of course, time-consuming also increase! 
with the extra-additional subjects+lots of weekly lecture sirries 


i know, i'm not standing alone
i've my partner-in-crime along the road
i've fathin as my room-neighbour (inspiring me most of the them)
i've syak as my roomate (who cheer me up everysingleday)
i've a rented house (which's now i called it as my 2nd home)
and most of the time,

i always have my very2 supportive mama and baba
my non-stop concerned sister, Dr Fatihah (you inspired me sist)
and the rest siblings ( i'll always be your 'adik' )

and i know,
this is life fixed by Him for me,
and only Him knows what the best for me.
and only Him knows any lintasan hati of mine.

so najwa najihah,
make a start today!
take a CHANCE,, grab a PIECE~

p.s : my driving force is back!!


zue anak sudin said…
ye, wawa! berjuang!!!

kenapa fathin?? kau punye saingan ke?? huhu.. chaiyok wawa!! XD
fieqa said…
salam ziarah..=)

yeah. najwa!

aja2 fighting!

btw, salam aidiladha..:))

lme jugak kita x b'contact ya!.=)
hope kamu sihat sejahtera,insyaAllah..=)

btw, ad wat post sal kisas, rajen visit la blog..hihi..;D
najihah iman said…

uiks,bkn saingan..
kind of inspiration :)
pandang dgn mata hati...=D

thanks singgah..
salam eid adha too..
okeh,kte singgah nnti..

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