minutes to ....


Semester 1 for my first year is near to the end..
like madam sairah said in d class just now,
"this'll be your last assingments..last class..last quiz for my subject"
dah nak habis dah-cepatnye.....

final exam for the 1st semester'll be held on 28 sept,which is a week after hari raye breaks..=( raye+books = cabaran2..
since i've received few invitations from dearest elementary skul's frend+cousin wedding+ and surely i'll be sibuk2 at d kitchen..( plan ur schedule wisely ye njwa)
i'm going home earlier than my frends-regarding to the tickets. =)
sweet ecsape again?!

within these last 2 weeks, i need to settle few things.is it few?
x kesah lah few ke banyak ke,by this weekend everything kena clear!
minggu depan balik!!! ^_^
i'm counting d days..

apple green shawl
thanks to zue,bought me dat sweet soft apple green shawl..
looks like i'm going to be greeny in dis becoming syawal..
greenday mood zue?

my housemates and i are now frequently have our break fasting outside or usually just buy the juadah somewhere..less time at d kitchen!

pen off-


zue anak sudin said…
ye! greenday! aku maroon 5! hahaha.. XD
najihah iman said…
elok2 lah..
maroom vs hijau! :)

mggu dpn balik!!!

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