weekend :)


After bout 8 months not seeing amiera asli..and last Saturday morning, miera arrived home safely. She dropped by here as to join her class reunion,held in bts. Here goes some of the pictures taken last Sunday..and after 2 years leaving bumi waqafan, i met back syaimaa ahmad and mad..dpt ole2..thanks girls. :)

- harry potter's crew..at last kuar gak gn mcnih-

p/s : berlari ke class pagi ini dan tiada..-_-
roti canai dan teh o ais replace d clas..:)

later days-take care~


dearie, thnx again~ (^^)
ble ak nk bwk mu jnjalan kat ipoh nih?..
kinta city's waitin.. haha..
najihah iman said…
:) beres je..
bila masa btull2 free...bakal jejak kinta gn cik miera..
tvocalize said…
besnyer nampak miera jln2 huhu

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