cik hanasakura :)


Haal,i wanna share this with u :)

*let the rain fall*
Life is never easy
And hearts are slow on the mend
There’s darkness everywhere it seems
It’s so hard sometimes but never give in…

Be strong,
Because everyday won’t be as soft and easy as the clouds rolling above your head.
Be strong,
And try to face the rough days with a brave face,
But always remember,
It’s ok to cry,
And it’s ok to love.

Be strong,
Through the wind and the rain!
Be strong,
Through the hurt and the pain!
Carry on,
Through all that life throws your way,
Be strong,
Because it has to get brighter someday

reflect back our old days at naim...jd mcm "haal" yg ak knall ms zaman skolah dlu..
"haal" yg remain strong..yg wktu dulu always fight for urself..yg tak kasi chance pun kt ak utk menang =P

haal,bunga ni cantik kan?! no matter what happen..maintain blossom mcm bunga2 ni..=)

sakura for u~

p/s : let the rain fall..


thnks~!i owe u alot..
sahabat,terima ksih..
i'll try my very best to keep climbing the hill..
i hav to go through the strong winds that try 2 push me down..

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