walk the path


“thorns on the left side
rattlers on the right
little space to walk in the light

but try to find the balance
try and you'll find a way
nothing is impossible
hold on just a little more

see the door is up in front of you
within is loves delight
enter the truth
forever live in light

see the past behind you
wasn't so bad after all
ascending higher
to the realm
of love consciousness
rise above it all

and the smiles are now within you
deep inside your heart
love is all around you
don't look back
you have a new start”

Feels so rajin to post something each day..while waiting for the real-official class to begin.
I’m on new chapter…new episode.certain things are new to me now..left behind a year, a one year that draw me to Him.to myself.
Seeking for the momentum…before I can accelerates after this.

p/s : To a friend which somehow inspired me on lots of things..learnt to be more tersusun..to plan certain things on mylife..instill the semangat..to live my life more ceria, even the days are black or inner side are unwell, I wish dat u’ll be fine and okey…u’ll be what u used to be.
Everything happen for a reason….and He plans something good for you from what u’re facing..and dealing. Believe in Him~


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