I have never been so engrossed in a book like I did with Twilight..same pages..same words,but read it frequently..repeatedly..It was hard to put the book down that I even read it while online..makan2. . I was hesitant to read let alone purchase the book at first, no matter how "best-selling" it was bcoz... well, romance was never my choice of book.
Who would have thought vampires could be that interesting? I can't wait to finish off the other 3 books.
Both movie and books are fast becoming my favorite!

On a side note...
I find myself falling deeply for Edward Cullen bcoz of his intense gaze. The way he stared at Bella – And how he protects Bella; that's just so sweeeeet.

p/s : 2 post within 1 day...
d venom drive me.....


i know~
i'm soooo into twilight too

actually i'm more into edward
najihah iman said…
stephenie meyer make me puzzle..
d coolll
so.enzyme said… sgt ke kak neji citer twilight tuh?
najihah iman said…
mcm nk bahas je gaya tnye tue..
depend kt readers la...
bg k.neji. so cool...besHh~
dayunk said…
edward remind me a romantic man.hehehe
love him

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