Danish's 4th Birthday Bash


One of my nephew is already 4 yers old.How times flies.
He had his 4th birthday bash yesterday at his house-my oldest sist house-

We started to get really busy at around noon - decorating the house (managed to tiup tons of belons). Mom made fruit cocktail pudding together with the white sauce and fried meehun-
The other dishes were roti jala and kuzi ayam,akok,black forest cake n d cold syrup as for the drink..

The party started around 3pm+..
Back inside the house,Danish was quite passive at first when the guest and the other kids arrived.He seemed to have trouble to make frens even with his close relative-d twins dini atikah and dini athirah.x pe2,sekejap je.Then Danish back to his normal active little boy!

Anyway,here are the pictures taken yesterday.

Hepy besday Danish! Cik Su loves U..=)


pulasari said…
salam 3laik

wah, meriah2
najihah iman said…


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