27 days done~

Finally,d break’s over..
It’s a tyme f0r me to m0ve!!
for me to leave home once again… pursuing my journey as a student~

Alhamdulillah…within 27 days before..i managed to do ‘things’ dat I relly wanaa do..
Like what?! Wh0a…3 months staying at d hostel..n giving chance to cook..but I couldn’t do it well,dlm kate len. ‘w0rst’~huHu…(beli jelah..senang,cepat,sedap)-dats my routine answer when my rum8 keep asking me..whether to masak @ beli…
Alamaknye..klu tnye sy..0f c0s lh sy jwb,turun bwh..then buy sumthing ^_^

S0..during dis cuti ni..sy msuk lh dapur..msuk je..tp skillnye x impr0ve2 pun~
Sorry ye Fafa,teha,bella,bear if after dis I’m still d same kak ngah,who cannot c00K..
Raya days was nice moment f0r me…eventhough big sdih f0r sum reasons,but I’m still heppy..njoyin d hari raye..
Reunite back wif sum of my clozm8 (elementary skul’s frens)
Meeting n fighting wif d b0ys of 6W..(6 yers ago)- amak (d noty headb0y),apek (d one who drink yellow ink while math class),puyie (my june’s bro),mak wan (my weird relative),syakir (nice frend), pije (skrg dh matured,I guess)
tu kwn2 yg still keep n t0uch smpi hari ni..
Hajar ( d nasi kerabu gal),faa (sweet prefect),dilin n iman (my besties..my geng)
Mcnih n Suhaila (my bising mate..besfren jgk)- these gals was my clasm8 6 yers ago..n until t0day we’re still rapat to each other..^_^
However..sy bit sedih coz couldn’t reunite wif my 2 cl0zdormmates,syaq n zT~
Adeh…bout 8 month x jmpe..n sy sgt2 rindu gn bdk 2 org ni..
cUti ni gak…sy shopim..usually I prefer to shopim buku..
but dis tyme…t’bli shoes..haha..then my bajek pn lari lh..=P (kinda suke sp0rty shoes)
ONLINE – dis my everyday routine kt umah,smpai kna sound gn my mother~
Usual tazkirah wif my only 1 br0ther
(thanx 4 d useful advices,insyaAllah I’ll rmmber n try to apply it)
My 3rd sist = my driver,my topup credit sist-thanx 4 droppin me at certain place dat I wanna go-(cuti ni..sy lansung x drive..huhu)
B00ks = tqvm to my oldest sist,dr fatihah f0r borrowin me her snell’s books..
I’m goin to use it soon..wish me luck sist!
CELCOM = ats request,advices2 dr kwn2 t’chenta,huhu..i bought celcom blue
Prepaid last 3 days..apepun,maxis ttp my choice!
Babyseater = for almost d cUti..actually,keje sy menjaga 2 org kiddies.
Danish n insyirah (hUh..my kalerful pen r0sak..hbis ink-keje Danish)
Drawing = for those yg knal sy..msti tau dat my fingers ni cam kayu.tp demi future,
Sy blaja melukis..^_^..sungguh,sy bkn org SENI..
Watching= tyme cti ni gk sy njoy watchin grey’s anat0my..(tgk on9)+onethreehill

Looks like my entry ni dh t’over pnjg..^_^ sorry yek..tgh rajen melayan bl0g..
Lps ni..dh x bleh on9 sgt..2nd sem is killing me..no relax2 sbjects..goin to huv new
lecturers..new schedule..new mentor..my sem 1 fnal xm result (ayak..nerv0us)
ape lg yg baru? Hopefully,ade sambungan amigos para siempre 2..@ any other outdoor prog yg be$t..
Goin to fight ~1 of my fren challenge me-sape grad gn keje dlu,dia MENANG~hakikatnye kwn sy itu psti menang coz dia tua dr sy..x pe,goin to sahut cabarannye ^_^


van der shraaf said…
sajer singgah...
tumpang lalu...
nice blog anyway...(really nice actually)
najihah iman said…

van der shraaf
thanx ya..=)
pulasari said…

nampaknya nti dah buat banyak benda...hebat2

teruskan blajar memasak...penting tu, an dengan adik prempuan an sedang belajar buat cupcake, mahu jual2
najihah iman said…

~ pulasari,

nNt an mau rasa cupcake tu..
dec0rate ch0mell2 yek..

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