..Amigos Para Siempre 2..

~dedicated high c0m~

after a week passed by..
i huv a few times to transfer d pictures fr0m d camera-lappy..
uhuh..bcoz of d instant rep0rt n b(nabihah)..
alhamdulillah...pr0g Xrace sukses dilaksanakan...
s0 here,i encl0se sum of d pictures taken there..
m0stly gambar pserta,gmbr ajk's sket jek..c0z dat day i was bz wif d gift+meal..
together wif handle my general kn0wledge chek p0int..
c0ngrats to all fms 08/09 stdents(may intake)~!!


pulasari said…
salam...hummm aktviti apa tu?
najihah iman said…
xpl0race ilmiah kt bkt cerakah..
f0r 1 batch..

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