1. Where were you 5hours ago?
..b101a..seatin 4 english test(las pper)
2. How did you get the idea for your
Friendster name?
Combinati0n of my 3rd name+iman(fevered name)3. What song are you listening to
right now?
4. What color is your phone?
5. Do you click on pop-ups?
6. Do you own a phone?
7. What was the first thing you thought
this morning?
FinisHh my mid sem xm..=)
8. what are you going to do tomorrow?
Perhaps sHopiM bOoks again..@juz stay at ma room..readin2x.
9. What did you do last night?
Eating..reading..slept early..=)
. 10. What's your favorite memory from
.uHuh..all d sweets+bitter memory..xprience=a gUd tcher 2 me
11. What are the last two digits ofyour phone number?
12. What was the last thing that you ate?
.nasi g0reng blacan..hekhek
13. Who is the last girl/boy that youhugged?
.qaisara insyirah+Danish imtiaz…= las 3 weeks..
14. What was the last movie youwatched?
Ape ek…..lama sgt dh x tgk m0vie~!.
15. What do you dislike at the moment?
sleeping….goiNn sumwhere…
16. What food are you craving?
…my mom’s c00kin..adehh..rndunye…
17. What did you dream last night?
..hard to dream…x mmpi..
18. What was the last TV show you watched?
..pun dh lame x tgk tv…uhuh..
19. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
..platinum bracelet…

20. Name 2 ppl on your Top Friends who are most like you?
.only two?!!..
21. Do you always lock your door?
..b4 g0 to sleep..yehh
23. Are you on any medication?
24. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
25. What color shirt are you wearing?
26. What is your favorite frozen treat?
27. How many Piercings/tattoos do you
.x suke
28. What's your favorite store?
.hUhuhu..d’one wif big sale~
30. Who's someone you haven't seen in a while and miss?
My besfrenzz+mr 0reo~
31. What was the last text you sent?
Ape ekk….”take care” k0t…
32. Do you care what people think about you?
N0pe rely~
33. Have you ever done something to make trouble?
34. Where do you wish you were right now?
.nak blik klantan..tp igt final..= fighting!!!!
35. Whats your font color on YM?
.black..sumtimes piNkk
36. Where's your bestfriend?
..bumi Allah~
37. What is the thing that you would most like to change about you?
Sleep early..wake early~


Anis Safiah said…
nk copy survey ni deh..
anyway,bilo nk blk kb ni?
rindu la..
kito buat reunion deh..
take care!
n gud lux!
najihah iman said…
nk balik sgt..
hajat d hati..
nk jmpe awk b4..awk fly~!!
tp cam x de ksempatan utk itu..
Anis Safiah said…
usaha tangga kejayaan.di mana ada kemahuan,di situ ada jalan!
xtaula ngabe gapo ni..
susoh2 gak,kito jupo kt KLIA la 6sept ni..
jgn lupo bwk buoh tange skali deh!

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