4 days at h0me

t0day's my las day at h0me afte having 4 days breaks..
breaks dat i made up on my own..=] class cancel+weekend = 4 days doin n0tim
las week,juz thinkin bout 10 min,then i decided to buy d las ticket..n g0 home..
yeah..4 days at h0me n i'm jus stayed inside..only yesterday..i went t0 my bestie' house
as kak lah,her sist havin engagement cerem0ny...

me..as usual..njoy eating lah...quite l0ng i'm not join any kenduri or ngagemen cerem0ny..s0..as yesterday came..hUhu..i njoyed..njoyed eatin wif mcnih n my two elementary skul's fren-> Hajar n FasiHah..adeHh when they all reunite..
"matrix's stuff were talked bout"..uhuh..i'm jus listening t0 them...
yeah..bdk mtrx = extrem rajen..

tonite..g0in back t0 s.a~!!
insyaAllah...end of ramadhan..balik umah balik~!! =]


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