..diz week..?!!

salam t0 all..

afte huv a sh0rt chat wif shah zahid..i dr0p by a m0ment at my bl0g..
adeh..i dunno wat to type or jot sumtim here..
1 of my fren told me b4 that he prefer to read others blog rather than make his own blog..
hakhak..hopefully dat he dun open n check my blog..hakhak
jap..lets think..refresh back..wat exactly i;m doing diz week.
juz facing d days or go through sum terible pr0bs..
actually..i'm quite....n0t quite but bc0me m0re tense...blog hostel ku x de air..
i remembered back sum of memories at kisas..
yep..i huv go thr0ugh diz kind of situation since i 16teen..
whatever....diz is 1 of d lesson..n i need to learn from it..
how to bcome more patien..relax..
luckiy diz week also..my sweet health sc lecturer,Mdm Simram asked us to make sum rsearch n understand better bout stress..general adaptation syndr0me..mental,physical n social health...
so...smbil menyelam mnum air lah...open my eyes bigger n bigger..
read it up n try to apply it myself..huhu
life of happiness..peace of mind.2 quotes dat attract me..
yeahh..hows terrible..horrible a situation..
juz seat..n relax..=) jgn marah2...kam cepat tua!!!
ok lah..g0t to go..
need to finish a l0ts of tugasan..
-> health c..bi0..msian studies!! n of c0z maths...~!!
not forgetting..
slmt mndftr kat kwn2 yg msk uitm..dalilah ali,amni rashid,nik anis..
same g0es to kwn2 yg msk intec..xpecially Cik Dojot~!!
ok..waitin 4 d spain vs rusia match early of diz m0rnim!!


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