buang masa jek~!!

Love Survey:

You must answer

every question TRUTHFULLY!!

[01] Are you currently in a


- femly+frens relati0nsHip..n0t more than dat huhu

[02] Have you ever given a rose to


- frens+mama k0t..

[03] What is your

all-time favorite romance movie?

- adeh..a walk t0 rmember..duNno lah

[04] There's no number 4 question..

- ehh??

[05] Do you believe that everyone has

a soul mate

- yeahh..=)

[06] What's your current problem?

- setting up ma mind…am I fully redy to pursue stdy?!!

[07] Have you ever had your heart


- ya..past

[08] thought of online or long

distance relationships (LDR) before?

- LDR kot..ngeee~

[9] Have you ever seen a friend as more

than a friend?

- f0r me as more than a frend = besfren..hehe

[10] The person your with right now, do

you want to spend your life with?

- femly+frens of c0z..

[11] How many kids do you want to

have In the future?

- hakhak…askin me in d future ehh

[12] What is/are & your favorite color?

- sup0se mar00m..piNk..black..

[13] Who are your celebrity


- hakhak..daniel radcliffe..lee d0ng wook..huhu

[14] Do you believe you truly only love


- s0klan pe nih…x tau…hakhak

[15] Imagine you're 79 & your

spouse just died, would you get


- x pk sal kawen dh tyme tu..pe kes..

[16] At what age did you start noticing

the opposite sex?

- hakhak…14 k0t…truk btulll~!!

[17] What song do u want to be played

at your wedding?

- I will rmmber u-ryan Cabrera..heh..dgr lg nasyid lah..

[18] Do you like anyone?

- f0r now nope…future perhaps..hikhik


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